Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey

Obsessing over Call of Duty MW3, sikk game or wut?!

First of all, I must admit that I love pink, Disney princesses, puppies, teeny bopper films such as Twilight, makeup and other pretty little things that best describes an average yet feminine and superbly vain girl. Thus, I wonder how the hell did I end up genuinely liking the new COD MW3-- since it is soo not me!

Hey this only proves that feminine girls can also whoop dudes asses at this action pack game!

I call this girl power mudaf*ckas..okkayy I am joking, don't get offended with the fowl language. Yes, playing this sh*t gets my small little body's adrenaline pumping!

8 Karma biatch-titude!

 For me personally, karma means actions equals reactions--> most powerful law of physics! Like the saying goes 'what goes around comes back around'. Similar to my other blog on 'What NOT to eat, food that makes you ugly!',  karma is also just common sense. This means treating people how you want to be treated.

For those who know me, I was raised in a catholic school for ten years (please refer to My Introduction post).

I have learnt that the 'Ten Commandments'are the rules and the '8 Beatitudes' are the reward to those who are righteous..but how about to those who have harmed other people, to the bullies, the greedy and to the ones who create havoc in our society??

Hence, I have created this list. Furthermore, as much as I believe that 'Positive Thinking' can change your life and YES human kind are surely capable of doing what is right...

BUT this is not always true and you'll be surprised what evil deeds human kind is also capable off.

Achieve your goals by staying positive!


I could say that positive thinking has greatly influenced my life such as acquiring a degree in BA in Business Economics, to having worked as a recruitment consultant, to creating my own blog site with thousands of hits a week, to becoming a google affilliate and to hopefully pursuing bigger things in the future. I may not have achieved everything that I wanted besides I'm still young BUT I've never been happier!! Continue reading if you wana be a happy bunny like me!

Don't miss out on my designer garage sale in Ebay!!

It's about time I empty my wardrobe and I am very excited to be doing a garage sale for my beloved readers! This is a means for me to say thanks to all my dear loyal readers! The bad news is that I am a UK size 6 or 8 so these clothes will only fit a small size UK 6 to 8 but I am hoping to throw a giveaway if my listing becomes successful and I'll make sure to involve the none size UK 6 and 8! Anyhow, why not visit my listing to get a fair idea of what brands I would usually shop from and what brands I would recommend for small sized women---> My Ebay Listing
This is only a few of My Ebay Listings! Don't forget to browse around to find out if anything matches your taste!

Although, I know I haven't been actively blogging recently, it's because I have been terribly busy but I am hoping to get back on track after I've finished listing in My Ebay. However, may main concern is that according to my blog stats, ever since I started blogging since end of August, I am now reaching 10,000 page views and also thousands of unique visitors..BUT! How come I only have a few likes from you people??!"£$%^    I'm soo confused??

Never mind, I am hoping that this garage sale will also enable me to reach out to you guys so please visit My Ebay listing and enjoy the affordable prices of these clothes. I could also ship international, although extra payment may need to be made. Anyhow, this will only take place ones a year since next time I will be keeping these pretty clothes lol so take advantage and happy bidding!
Some of the well known brands in this garage sale are courtesy by my gorgeous sis-in-law (Thanks hun!)

These brands are Reiss, French Connection, Arrogant Cat, All Saints, Charas, Kate Moss Topshop and other high street brands such as Jane Norman and Miss Selfridge. As much as I'd love to keep most of these stunning dresses-- I just simply would like to de clutter and hey why not sell these pretty clothes so someone else can enjoy them. What better way than to also earn a bit of income towards my christmass shopping, yayy!! So ladies, here are a few of my favorites that are going on sale at My Ebay listing. Enjoy!

Miss Jo Ma's Autumn-must-haves!

Sunny Summer is now over but hey autumn is not that bad!

Although I hate cold weather but hey autumn makes the transition from summer to winter a lot easier since winter does not start immediately. Autumn gives us enough time to prepare our wardrobes and of course condition our body for the winter season. Bare in mind that our body can easily get fever during winter than summer so it is crucial to keep ourselves warm and the key is to also remember that 'prevention is better than cure'. This means strengthening our immune system to help fight the illnesses that comes with winter-- please refer to my other post on 'Food that makes you beautiful'.
Eating soup does not only keep you warm but could also boost your immune system, why not try chicken soup!

Women have earned it Nigahiga!

I have been inspired by well known YouTube vlogger Nigahiga to write my own insights on Feminism. Wikipedia defines feminism as movements defining, establishing and protecting women's social rights and promotes equal opportunity between men and women.

Apparently, the feminist movement has been around for a long time but have they actually succeeded in achieving equality between men and women?

A Glimpse of the Oriental night life in England

Since most of my readers are of oriental mix and if you're wondering what's the oriental night life like here in England then you have come to the right blog. I will be posting party photos of the oriental parties I have attended. Although, in the past I have attended many night outs, my personal favorite is going to oriental parties. Nope, I am not racist (hilarious!)

So why oriental parties? It's just simply because of-->the friendly crowd, the music, classy atmosphere and lets not forget the best place to socialize with cute chink dudes is at an oriental party.

What NOT to eat, food that makes you ugly!

It is important we accept that food plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and beautiful-- please refer to my other blog 'Food that makes you beautiful!'. However, with this blog I will be enumerating food that are in general unhealthy and could potentially damage your looks. Although my advice is to keep an open mind when it comes to reading articles and blogs about food-- on the other hand, my little list of what not to eat are just simply based on common sense.

Anyhow, remember when you were young and your parents were always reminding you to not eat too much junk foods such as chocolates--specially at night? Ofcourse, there were times when you listened and controlled your midnight chocolate cravings but what happened to the times when you didnt listen? Perhaps you got a tooth ache? Ouch, yes it was awfully painful!
So let my 'what not to eat list' be that reminder or perhaps be an input to your own 'what-not-to-eat-list'. Personally, I believe that this list of 'What not to eat' is unhealthy and should either only be eaten occassionally or be completely avoided!

Creative Photography like no other!!

I will be blogging about creative photography with the sole purpose of spoiling and pleasuring your sense of sight with images from the recent shoot that I had. Although, I have only been modeling for the past two years, I have had many shoots before and have managed to collect quite a few professionally edited photos. Yet I have never seen photos this creative with so much charisma and character. For sure, creative photography is enticing and transforms an average photo into an art work. **Note by: I am not recommending the photographer who has done this shoot with me, his photography may be good, could be better but he doesn't have good work ethics! He has been completely rude and has nasty towards my mates who has paid him a great amount of money for their shoot. Hence, I wouldn't work with him ever again.

Ladies and gentleman, there are many people out there who would probably claim they are professionals when it comes to creative photography. Don't be fooled! Creative photography requires skills, talent, creativity and imagination-- all you skilled photographers should know that!

Editing photos creatively is not an easy job. One creative photo alone could take hours to edit depending on how creative you want the photo to be.

Photo shoot tips for aspiring models!

Those who are interested in modelling..

Here are the TFP and TFCD FAQS
What is TFP and TFCD?
  1. TFP: Time For Prints
  2. TFCD: Time For CD
In the traditional industry, amateur models go to experienced photographers and get a quick photo shoot at a very reduced price agreed upon by both parties.  This is called "test" shooting.  Somehow, the internet created a monster called TFP and pretends to be a "test" shoot.

TFP means no money will be exchanged between the model and the photographer.  The model receives digital files or prints of from the shoot and the photographer can use the images for promotion and his portfolio.

It does not mean the photographer can use them for commercial purposes without paying the model for the shoot or for future revenue.  Many photographers take advantage of models by offering them a TFP shoot but actually use the model in a paid job.  If the photographer is getting paid for the shoot, so should the model.  The model is obviously good enough for the shoot, well then, she should be paid.

TFP shoots must have a model release included to clear up any question of it being a TFP shoot.

Religion, A way of life??

What is religion? Most definition would probably claim that religion is when one worships or believes in someone or something more greater than us. Scientific theories would probably argue that there is no being higher than human species since we are at the top of the food chain and that our brain functions better than any other species.

Furthermore, over the years men have had many creations which have either improved....

Makeover 911!

Makeover simply means changing your looks, style or outer appearance. This is when one transform oneself according to one's desired look which often leads to positive outcome or perhaps to simply attain ones goals. The positive outcome or the goals could be;

Racism is hilarious?!

This blog will contain my insights on racism and whether it should be viewed as hilarious. According to Wikipedia; Racism is the belief that there are differences in people's traits and capabilities that are entirely

PROS and CONS of going Organic

I have to admit that I am a big fan of organic food. However, to make this blog unbiased I will also state the cons of going organic. I have done my research and indeed there is vast information on organic food. I have attempted to summarize this and will only write the most relevant information to provide the best understanding on organic food.

Ode to my lover..

This is for ma baby Hung,
I'd like to sing him a song..
Of all the guys I've met
He's the one

Single's Guide, Ready to Commit

This blog will contain my very own insights on guiding the singles, who are ready to commit. People have different preferences and some may prefer to not be in a relationship but if you're single and wants to be in a relationship then please continue reading.   Most of us have had our crazy times back then when we were single, young, ambitious and career driven. Nevertheless, we all reach a certain age where we finally would want to be in a long term relationship--> for some it's at a younger age, whereas for some it is at an older age.

Nope, I am not claiming to be a saint I was a party animal! T'was crazy! --> this was then before I met my boyfriend.

Food that makes you beautiful--yes BEAUTIFUL!

My insight for today is to blog about a list of food that makes y'all beautiful. You must be wondering, is this for real! Is it guaranteed that eating this food will make you instantly beautiful?

Miss JO MA's Introduction

My name is Jo Ma and I am an aspiring writer and blogger. This post will be an introduction to the subject areas I am looking to blog about, but firstly I would like to say a few a words about myself.

Nahh actually, a few words might not be enough-- yes I could go on and on and write all day about myself besides I am just one of those typical girls that likes talking about their lives, their interests, their relationships and so on. Haha dont worry I am not going to drive any readers out there mad but please bare in mind that I have created this blog with the sole purpose of being creative, writing and expressing my opinion on certain topics.