Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey

Obsessing over Call of Duty MW3, sikk game or wut?!

First of all, I must admit that I love pink, Disney princesses, puppies, teeny bopper films such as Twilight, makeup and other pretty little things that best describes an average yet feminine and superbly vain girl. Thus, I wonder how the hell did I end up genuinely liking the new COD MW3-- since it is soo not me!

Hey this only proves that feminine girls can also whoop dudes asses at this action pack game!

I call this girl power mudaf*ckas..okkayy I am joking, don't get offended with the fowl language. Yes, playing this sh*t gets my small little body's adrenaline pumping!

8 Karma biatch-titude!

 For me personally, karma means actions equals reactions--> most powerful law of physics! Like the saying goes 'what goes around comes back around'. Similar to my other blog on 'What NOT to eat, food that makes you ugly!',  karma is also just common sense. This means treating people how you want to be treated.

For those who know me, I was raised in a catholic school for ten years (please refer to My Introduction post).

I have learnt that the 'Ten Commandments'are the rules and the '8 Beatitudes' are the reward to those who are righteous..but how about to those who have harmed other people, to the bullies, the greedy and to the ones who create havoc in our society??

Hence, I have created this list. Furthermore, as much as I believe that 'Positive Thinking' can change your life and YES human kind are surely capable of doing what is right...

BUT this is not always true and you'll be surprised what evil deeds human kind is also capable off.

Achieve your goals by staying positive!


I could say that positive thinking has greatly influenced my life such as acquiring a degree in BA in Business Economics, to having worked as a recruitment consultant, to creating my own blog site with thousands of hits a week, to becoming a google affilliate and to hopefully pursuing bigger things in the future. I may not have achieved everything that I wanted besides I'm still young BUT I've never been happier!! Continue reading if you wana be a happy bunny like me!