Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey

Racism is hilarious?!

This blog will contain my insights on racism and whether it should be viewed as hilarious. According to Wikipedia; Racism is the belief that there are differences in people's traits and capabilities that are entirely

PROS and CONS of going Organic

I have to admit that I am a big fan of organic food. However, to make this blog unbiased I will also state the cons of going organic. I have done my research and indeed there is vast information on organic food. I have attempted to summarize this and will only write the most relevant information to provide the best understanding on organic food.

Ode to my lover..

This is for ma baby Hung,
I'd like to sing him a song..
Of all the guys I've met
He's the one

Single's Guide, Ready to Commit

This blog will contain my very own insights on guiding the singles, who are ready to commit. People have different preferences and some may prefer to not be in a relationship but if you're single and wants to be in a relationship then please continue reading.   Most of us have had our crazy times back then when we were single, young, ambitious and career driven. Nevertheless, we all reach a certain age where we finally would want to be in a long term relationship--> for some it's at a younger age, whereas for some it is at an older age.

Nope, I am not claiming to be a saint I was a party animal! T'was crazy! --> this was then before I met my boyfriend.

Food that makes you beautiful--yes BEAUTIFUL!

My insight for today is to blog about a list of food that makes y'all beautiful. You must be wondering, is this for real! Is it guaranteed that eating this food will make you instantly beautiful?

Miss JO MA's Introduction

My name is Jo Ma and I am an aspiring writer and blogger. This post will be an introduction to the subject areas I am looking to blog about, but firstly I would like to say a few a words about myself.

Nahh actually, a few words might not be enough-- yes I could go on and on and write all day about myself besides I am just one of those typical girls that likes talking about their lives, their interests, their relationships and so on. Haha dont worry I am not going to drive any readers out there mad but please bare in mind that I have created this blog with the sole purpose of being creative, writing and expressing my opinion on certain topics.