Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey

Creative Photography like no other!!

I will be blogging about creative photography with the sole purpose of spoiling and pleasuring your sense of sight with images from the recent shoot that I had. Although, I have only been modeling for the past two years, I have had many shoots before and have managed to collect quite a few professionally edited photos. Yet I have never seen photos this creative with so much charisma and character. For sure, creative photography is enticing and transforms an average photo into an art work. **Note by: I am not recommending the photographer who has done this shoot with me, his photography may be good, could be better but he doesn't have good work ethics! He has been completely rude and has nasty towards my mates who has paid him a great amount of money for their shoot. Hence, I wouldn't work with him ever again.

Ladies and gentleman, there are many people out there who would probably claim they are professionals when it comes to creative photography. Don't be fooled! Creative photography requires skills, talent, creativity and imagination-- all you skilled photographers should know that!

Editing photos creatively is not an easy job. One creative photo alone could take hours to edit depending on how creative you want the photo to be.

Photo shoot tips for aspiring models!

Those who are interested in modelling..

Here are the TFP and TFCD FAQS
What is TFP and TFCD?
  1. TFP: Time For Prints
  2. TFCD: Time For CD
In the traditional industry, amateur models go to experienced photographers and get a quick photo shoot at a very reduced price agreed upon by both parties.  This is called "test" shooting.  Somehow, the internet created a monster called TFP and pretends to be a "test" shoot.

TFP means no money will be exchanged between the model and the photographer.  The model receives digital files or prints of from the shoot and the photographer can use the images for promotion and his portfolio.

It does not mean the photographer can use them for commercial purposes without paying the model for the shoot or for future revenue.  Many photographers take advantage of models by offering them a TFP shoot but actually use the model in a paid job.  If the photographer is getting paid for the shoot, so should the model.  The model is obviously good enough for the shoot, well then, she should be paid.

TFP shoots must have a model release included to clear up any question of it being a TFP shoot.

Religion, A way of life??

What is religion? Most definition would probably claim that religion is when one worships or believes in someone or something more greater than us. Scientific theories would probably argue that there is no being higher than human species since we are at the top of the food chain and that our brain functions better than any other species.

Furthermore, over the years men have had many creations which have either improved....

Makeover 911!

Makeover simply means changing your looks, style or outer appearance. This is when one transform oneself according to one's desired look which often leads to positive outcome or perhaps to simply attain ones goals. The positive outcome or the goals could be;