Miss Jo Ma's Autumn-must-haves!

Sunny Summer is now over but hey autumn is not that bad!

Although I hate cold weather but hey autumn makes the transition from summer to winter a lot easier since winter does not start immediately. Autumn gives us enough time to prepare our wardrobes and of course condition our body for the winter season. Bare in mind that our body can easily get fever during winter than summer so it is crucial to keep ourselves warm and the key is to also remember that 'prevention is better than cure'. This means strengthening our immune system to help fight the illnesses that comes with winter-- please refer to my other post on 'Food that makes you beautiful'.
Eating soup does not only keep you warm but could also boost your immune system, why not try chicken soup!

Anyhow, autumn's temperature is obviously not high but it's not too low either which means we could opt for wearing our blazers and scarves rather than the really thick and heavy jackets. Like most girls, I love shopping and of course I update my wardrobe every season. Hence, I'd like to share my very own autumn must haves..

  • Black blazer, I bought my ones from New Look for £25 and no you don't have to spend hundreds to own a plain black blazer. I haven't got a photo of myself wearing it yet for the mean time here is a photo of the blazer. I chose black since it goes with everything-- literally everything either with formal trousers, denim jeans, denim shorts and with fab accessories this blazer will look even better.

  • A trendy jumper to keep you warm enough for autumn. As much as I love being warm, I also like staying sweat free lol. Often, autumn is cold but not cold enough for me to be wearing my warmest jackets so instead I usually opt for wearing warm jumpers. Here is one of the jumpers I recently bought from Miso Republic and at the moment is also available in the shops. 

It is available in white and pink! I super love this jumper because it keeps you warm enough for autumn and I like the fluffiness of it which makes it really comfortable to your skin. On top of that, the fluff doesn't come off and stick on your clothes compared to other jumpers. I tend to buy jumpers that wouldn't have fluff coming off it because it sticks on my other clothes and yes it is very difficult to take off!

Don't forget that jumpers such as this could also be worn during winter underneath your jacket to keep you even warmer so it is crucial to have a few jumpers in your wardrobe.

  • I am obssessing over fur such as fur snoods and fur scarves not just for autumn but also a must have for winter! 

     They're really warm and look oh so glamorous! I haven't bought one yet since I am still browsing around shops but here are my favorite ones!
    Fur snood from River Island

    Fur snood from Asos

    Although I would only purchase fake fur but this one is apparently a rabbit  fur. I found this from  google shop results.

    • Leather gloves to keep your hands warm. Personally, I prefer leather since it keeps you warm enough for winter and yes it is also cool enough for summer. 
    Most importantly, leather also provides ventilation for your skin which leaves you with refreshed skin unlike non leather ones where your hands could tend to get smelly and sweaty..yuk!

    • Quality moisturizers is crucial in keeping our skin moisturized and hydrated during the cold season besides no one wants to have dry, flaky or grany hands and face.

     I recommend using Aveda hand relief for moisturising your hands-- it feels absolutely gorgeous in your hands and moisturises your hands all day even after washing.
    I am currently using Estee Lauder's Hydrationist..It's quite good in moisturizing my skin but sadly not good enough to completely remove the flakiness of my skin. Hence, I am still searching for that moisturiser which is perfect for my skin.

    • For the first time, I got my nails done! Yayy, I should have really chosen a more autumn nail colors such as  shimmering grey and metallic taupe from channel..

    This shades is a must have this autumn

    Aahh what the hell, I still prefer my feminine pink so I obviously opted for pink nail colour. I've also tried the 3D nail art and my verdict is--->I absolutely love it!

    These gorgeous nails are courtesy by my dear sis in law, thanks! So holla at me to all the lovely ladies out there, if interested ill book your appointment myself to get your nails pampered and pimped at her nail salon. 

    It's really creative and for those who love blings, you could also choose to get Swarovski crystals be professionally glued on your nails.
    I usually do my own nails but shockingly it is not the same when you get your nails professionally done using quality nail polishes. On top of that you could also express your creativity by getting some nail arts done on your nails.They are shockingly cheap-- only £5 pounds to get your nails painted! £10 to £20 max if you want 3d nail art on special occasion!
    YES the newly painted nails will also last you a very long time, a few weeks? perhaps even months depending on how you look after them. 

    Finally, to all the poorly ones like me make sure to prepare yourself for winter, stay healthy and keep warm!

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