Miss JO MA's Introduction

My name is Jo Ma and I am an aspiring writer and blogger. This post will be an introduction to the subject areas I am looking to blog about, but firstly I would like to say a few a words about myself.

Nahh actually, a few words might not be enough-- yes I could go on and on and write all day about myself besides I am just one of those typical girls that likes talking about their lives, their interests, their relationships and so on. Haha dont worry I am not going to drive any readers out there mad but please bare in mind that I have created this blog with the sole purpose of being creative, writing and expressing my opinion on certain topics.
I used to write a lot when I was young, from poems to journals but I stopped writing when my parents separated. I was 18, any normal girl who grew up in a traditional family will probably go maad! I guess one day I will probably make a blog about family and I hope no children will go through what I have gone through when my family was in the brink of separation-- but the reality is I am sure there are people out there who have probably experienced worst. I guess if there is enough readers who would request for blog about how important it is to keep family together, then I will surely invest enough time to write an inspiring blog about this.

Anyhow, I grew up in Philippines and went to a Private Catholic School, St Agnes Academy for ten years. Yes ten years! I had an intense education and was raised in a very religious environment of whom praying and moral values, such as respecting elders, are a way of life.
Me and ma dear school mates back in the day when we were still babies.
My school, St Agnes Academy in Philippines

Sadly, the reality is not every children is given the same privilege or opportunity to be raised in the same environment. It is frustrating that there is evidence to prove that children as young as seven have been seen getting involved in riots which recently took place in Tottenham, London. It was really shocking since I have always believed in the notion of our youth being our next generation. I wonder what generation would it be, if it was filled with chaos? This is a sensitive topic and I will only be writing a blog about this if there is enough requests from readers. Here is the website link to The Sun's Headline on the recent rioting 8/8/2011;   http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article3739181.ece

This probably suggest that I am abit of a realists but hey I also tend to be an optimist at times. Often, I  get too optimistic that my friends and family end up pulling me back to earth lol but hey being positive is better than being pessimistic, right?
I wana win lottery!! ok maybe something more realistic lool such as achieving top grades in university!

Moving on, I am also a model and is currently represented by a couple of agencies but mainly by Prestigious Models. They are an international  modelling and talent agency based in New York and the work they provide their models is extensive. I will definitely be writing a blog dedicated to my 'one of a kind' fellow Prestigious Models-- they were a complete star to work with!

Hostessing at Sunplus annual iGaming Party 'Fire & Ice' alongside fellow Prestigious models

Thanks to Prestigious Models I was featured in America's HTM's Editor's Edition Magazine. Please check my website link-- Featured Model for America's Hidden Treasure Magazine for the full article.

I am also due to graduate BA in Business Economics in a couple of months and I'm very excited! Finally, after three years of studying it's now about time for me to join the working population-- no more excuses! Unlike most, I am actually keen to start working soon and I am currently in the process of attending job interviews to join either a more corporate industry or a more creative industry..hhmm, i will soon find out

Finally, here are more topics I am interested in blogging about. Nope, writing all day is not enough but sadly I have a life and I need to tend to other things. Please be reminded that these are only a few of my many interests

 *cooking- I have just recently discovered my passion for this and have learnt through trial and error. Oh dear, the sense of fulfillment ones you get a recipe right is just incredible. Although, the recipe often varies according to your tastes and preference but I have to admit you need to really get to know your herbs and spices to get the flavor that you want or perhaps the flavor your loved ones want.
Ok it might be a bit messy but here is my home made seafood paella like no other!

 *Fashion- I have always been a fashion lover but I tend to stay away from branded stuff since I am not the type to 'live beyond my means'. I guess I am one of the many women out there who would rather opt for an affordable, trendy and high street fashion type of clothes rather than the super expensive branded stuff. However, I am an ambitious girl and will strive to be somebody one day and ones that happen-- first thing ill do is spoil myself and go shopping in designer shops!
My hair accessory in this photo is definitely one of my favorite fashion statement and it helps to achieve that vintage look.

 *Dancing- I've been dancing since I was 5 from ballet, contemporary, jazz and street dance. I will surely blog the most memorable dance events I have been booked for. I may not have pursued to be a professional dancer but I could proudly say that dancing and choreography is in my veins. Material things might get lost or stolen but I believe talent (dancing or singing) and personality is something that can be developed but cant be stolen.
Ellements beauties, my dance buddies!

 *Make up- Its true that beauty is skin deep. However, learning the art of make up truly enables every girl to be in touch with their creative side. Yes ladies, ones you have mastered the art of make up then you can truly transform yourself and engage in different looks--depending on your outfit, on your mood and accessories. Yep I cant wait to blog about this subject!
This is my baby doll look, not my best one though..i guess i need to start taking more photos

 *I confess that I am also a fitness freak! I must say everyone in my family is! To feed this fitness obsession me and my brother have converted our spare room into a mini gym with tread mill, weights, boxing stuff and so on. Oh dear, my mum often warns me to not over do it. Eerr I must say that exercising shouldn't really just be viewed as a means of loosing weight--but increasing your quality of life.
 *Most importantly, my main interest is to spend quality time with my lovers! Lovers such as my dear boyfriend, family and friends. I must admit I have grown out of the clubbing scene-- only if I get booked to work on certain events then yes that's the only time you'd see me out, hey nothing beats working with my girlies and having fun at the same time. However, I must say that the most memorable night out is at home with my lovers!
Drunken and Disorderly at home!
 My dear lover! 
So y'all lovers out there, please click facebook like for more blogs! Also  stay tuned for more photos and blog updates! xx


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