Women have earned it Nigahiga!

I have been inspired by well known YouTube vlogger Nigahiga to write my own insights on Feminism. Wikipedia defines feminism as movements defining, establishing and protecting women's social rights and promotes equal opportunity between men and women.

Apparently, the feminist movement has been around for a long time but have they actually succeeded in achieving equality between men and women?
Or does it matter? Is it even relevant at this point of time? Yes of course feminism made a huge difference to women's lives back in the day when women were not even allowed to vote, to enter higher education and were a subject of domestic violence and cruelty.

Nigahiga must understand that before he opens his mouth and makes judgement about feminism-- he should firstly consider the reasons as to why the feminist movement was established.

First of all, feminist movement wouldn't have existed if women didn't experience any form of discrimination, cruelty and abuse. I too wish feminists movements or groups cease to exist because then that means that women are being treated fairly and that feminist groups are no longer needed. Sadly, there are still quite a lot of women who does not only experience inequality at work but also experiences harassment. However, thanks to those who fought for women's rights and equality--> it is now evident that women's role in our society has gradually increased in time.

  • Women are now allowed to vote

  • Women are now given the same education and career opportunities as men

  • Policies have also been established protecting women's rights

  • Although not common but if women really want to, they could now also enter politics. An example of women politician was US former vice president Sarah Palin

  • Women could now enter military and policing

  • Women executives are now gradually increasing-- an example is Deborah Meaden from Dragons' Den
Power house, women executives of Gucci group
  • Women, believe it or not, could not also enter bodybuilding!!

  • Hence.. is there anything women can't do??

Indeed, the position of women in society has improved a lot compared to back in the day. Soo why is Nigahiga saying that if women want equality then women should be treated like a dude?? What is the relevance of his arguement to the history of feminism?
After all the abuse women has gone through in the past, I think we women have earned women's day!

Like I said at the beginning the main reason for the rise of the feminist movements is to defend and protect themselves from experiencing strong discrimination, cruelty and harassment not only at work but even within their households.

Yes domestic violence was very common back in the day, I suppose they were being treated like a dude by horrid men?! hhmm is that equality??

So let's face it and even I hate to admit this but we are women and by nature are weaker than men. So I wonder how can there be equality if women are getting treated like a dude?? For example would it be equal for a man to box a small and weak woman??

C'mon, this is not even the case in boxing-- where two male fighters have to be the nearly the same weight to fight in the ring.

Furthermore, is it equal if a heavily pregnant woman should work, earn money and not get maternity pay just so the male species can apparently feel equal? lool.. Perhaps technology can make it possible for men to give birth so they too can get pregnant-- I suppose that would make it equal then, huh??

Another issue is how equal could it be if the society views Men who have slept with many women as 'cool' and 'experienced' BUT if a woman sleeps with many men then they are seen as 'sluts'..is that fair??

Makes me wonder what exactly is equality between Men and Women??

I will leave it up to you to make your own judgement! For those who want to share your thoughts then leave your comments!

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Anonymous said…
What a beautiful face!! same as your thoughts... thanks for the blog.
Anonymous said…
Haha! That caricature of pregnant man and woman is funny! 'love the beer in his beer belly jo, haha! Keep goin'...
Anonymous said…
Nice argument. I'm a guy and I hope the slut and cool thing hopefully passes away, actually where I live the men are actually called sluts themselves. Pregnancy is also a fact but women do not need to have babies, just live without having a baby; takes a lot of stress off of you if you don't and is better for the environment. Anyways I do agree with most of your points and I hope you do more blogs like this.
Anonymous said…
Listen mah baby girl... yours and that of nigahiga are different in a way. Well, if compared to a dance, his is a street dance and yours is a ballet. Compared to a tv program, his is Simpson and your's is a documentary. Ha ha.