Creative Photography like no other!!

I will be blogging about creative photography with the sole purpose of spoiling and pleasuring your sense of sight with images from the recent shoot that I had. Although, I have only been modeling for the past two years, I have had many shoots before and have managed to collect quite a few professionally edited photos. Yet I have never seen photos this creative with so much charisma and character. For sure, creative photography is enticing and transforms an average photo into an art work. **Note by: I am not recommending the photographer who has done this shoot with me, his photography may be good, could be better but he doesn't have good work ethics! He has been completely rude and has nasty towards my mates who has paid him a great amount of money for their shoot. Hence, I wouldn't work with him ever again.

Ladies and gentleman, there are many people out there who would probably claim they are professionals when it comes to creative photography. Don't be fooled! Creative photography requires skills, talent, creativity and imagination-- all you skilled photographers should know that!

Editing photos creatively is not an easy job. One creative photo alone could take hours to edit depending on how creative you want the photo to be.

Thus, this isn't your average photography and often costs time and money to produce but I can assure you that it is worth it in the end.

Perhaps, we all have our own preferences when it comes to what kind of look we want for our photos. Ask for it and you shall have it!

Anything is possible with creative photography-- all you need is a talented photographer with the right skills!

Okay so there are plenty of photographers out there who claim they can  photoshop. I suggest you check their portfolio and their website. Never pay for a shoot unless you have seen their work! Based from my experience and I regret learning the hard way but YES there are many scum bags out there who would probably rip you off, claim they can edit your photos the way you want but really they're just probably using one of them software that blurs out the photos slightly. This is not creative photography! I am not an expert but I sure can tell a creative photo from a 'lazily-edited-photos'. I confess, like majority of the women out there, I am a super insecure person and is very selective with who I shoot with, since I am always worried whether the photographer is skilled enough to edit away all my insecurities lol-- I cant help it!

Although, I truly believe that in reality no one is perfect but that is not the case with creative photography! YES, ladies and gentlemen with creative photography you can let your imagination go wild and paint a perfect picture of yourself which you'd want to keep, show off to your friends and hang on to your living room walls. Lucky, enough most of you who are interested to do a photoshoot can now learn from my mistake. Remember to not waste your money on crap photos-- MOST OF ALL, don't get tricked into doing TF shoots make sure you clarify with the photographer that you are TRADING FOR PRINTS OR CD with the images. It is a ruthless industry out there so be wary ma dear readers! For more info on TF shoots visit my other blog 'Photo shoot tips for aspiring models'

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