Obsessing over Call of Duty MW3, sikk game or wut?!

First of all, I must admit that I love pink, Disney princesses, puppies, teeny bopper films such as Twilight, makeup and other pretty little things that best describes an average yet feminine and superbly vain girl. Thus, I wonder how the hell did I end up genuinely liking the new COD MW3-- since it is soo not me!

Hey this only proves that feminine girls can also whoop dudes asses at this action pack game!

I call this girl power mudaf*ckas..okkayy I am joking, don't get offended with the fowl language. Yes, playing this sh*t gets my small little body's adrenaline pumping!

Ofcourse, COD would be no interest to me at all without my boyfriend's constant nagging that I show my love to him by attempting to play this COD game of his which I used to call silly and a waste of time. YES before I'd rather spend my time convincing him to watch a film with me than spend time attempting to play COD. I seriously thought there was noo waay I would ever like COD if anything I despise it for taking my boyfriend's time away from me and there was absolutely no chance I would ever play COD with him besides I've got better things to do such as..
Of course after awhile I realized that it shouldn't really matter if my bf is obsessed with COD-- it's not like he's at a strip club staring at sum next girl's naked ass besides there are other worst behaviors of men to worry about than just playing COD. Here is the trailer of Hall Pass to get fair idea on what majority of married men could be obsessing about instead of COD.

So to all the ladies who have men problems, maybe it's because your bf doesn't play COD that much or perhaps doesn't play COD at all? Aahh keep your man at home, get him a comfy chair, big TV, a PS3 and get him to play COD MW3. I am sure you'll see good results in no time! Here is another youtube vlogger, who shared the same opinion as me..

Nonetheless, I have also attempted to play COD, ofcourse at the beginning it was difficult and I was constantly angry at the controller-- oh by the way there was one point I wanted to knock the TV off because I kept on getting killed by the same person!! I felt my blood pressure rising but it was one hell of a game and the best part is bonding with my bf. Here is one of his best games-- 25 kill streaks claimed him a MOAB, sikk or wut?!

He will be uploading his COD games in this channel. I will also soon purchase a mic and for those who would like to see a vid of my first attempt in playing COD with my annoying voice on it then SUB SUB SUB!

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