Achieve your goals by staying positive!


I could say that positive thinking has greatly influenced my life such as acquiring a degree in BA in Business Economics, to having worked as a recruitment consultant, to creating my own blog site with thousands of hits a week, to becoming a google affilliate and to hopefully pursuing bigger things in the future. I may not have achieved everything that I wanted besides I'm still young BUT I've never been happier!! Continue reading if you wana be a happy bunny like me!

Positive thinking is what helps us get through a rough time such as 'Economic Recession'. During this time, many hard working individuals have lost their jobs, big and small companies were also terribly affected, many households have suffered with statistics of house repossession doubling. Furthermore, desperate individuals have resorted to comitting crimes and worst suicide. Hence, the increase in crime rates and suicide rates during the recession. Shall I carry on??

Indeed, positive thinking may not resolve all our problems but it will guide us to find solutions which could just be sitting right in front of us but we were too busy getting depressed to even notice. Nonetheless, here is my guide to staying positive!

  • You can be whoever you want but with no pain comes no gain! So be sure to adapt a 'can do' attitude and work hard to achieve your dream!

  • Focus on your skills not your weakness. This will enable you to strengthen your skills without wasting your precious time dwelling on your weakness.

  • Avoid comparing yourself with others. You're unique and special in your own way besides we all have variations in skills, personality, motivation and so on. You are your own person, embrace it!

  • Be competetive but accept that sometimes there will be people out there who may be more skilled and experienced than you. Don't view this in a negative way, instead view them as an inspiration! Find out how did that person achieve success, perhaps you can learn from their experience and mistakes.

  • Life isn't perfect and everyone is bound to have dramas. Learn how to view these problems as a blessing in disguise besides it will only make you stronger!
Perhaps view your problem as a knockout punch..yes that knock out punch must have felt good!  

  • Surround yourself with positive people (positive friends and family, ignore the negative and arrogant people). Yes I know there may be times when we argue with our loved ones-- ITS NORMAL, don't retaliate instead stay calm and solve arguements with grace. 

  • Accept criticisms and failure like a grown up-- YES we are also bound to experience failure. Learn from it and grow from it besides this will also guide you to do better in life.

  • Stop complaining and learn how to appreciate the little things in life including little things others have done for you such as buying you lunch or listening to your tantrums.


aim higher,
be ambitious,
grow and pursue as many things as you want!


never forget to be grateful of what you have, your life, your gifts, your talent, and most specially the people that has stood by you through bad times and good times and YES ignore the negative people because they are not worth your time! ---> this is positive thinking!

'A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.' ~Herm Albright

Until then, good luck!

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