8 Karma biatch-titude!

 For me personally, karma means actions equals reactions--> most powerful law of physics! Like the saying goes 'what goes around comes back around'. Similar to my other blog on 'What NOT to eat, food that makes you ugly!',  karma is also just common sense. This means treating people how you want to be treated.

For those who know me, I was raised in a catholic school for ten years (please refer to My Introduction post).

I have learnt that the 'Ten Commandments'are the rules and the '8 Beatitudes' are the reward to those who are righteous..but how about to those who have harmed other people, to the bullies, the greedy and to the ones who create havoc in our society??

Hence, I have created this list. Furthermore, as much as I believe that 'Positive Thinking' can change your life and YES human kind are surely capable of doing what is right...

BUT this is not always true and you'll be surprised what evil deeds human kind is also capable off.

Moreover, I believe that our God does not exist to condemn the horrid, our God is waay better than that. He represents the good and inspire us to live a righteous life---> instead I believe that it is the Karma that condemns the horrid. So to all the victims of crimes and unfortunate incidents caused by the horrid, rejoice because Karma will seek justice for you.

Popular anime among the younger generation is 'Jigoku Shoujo' or 'Hell Girl' which best portrays karma.

Nonetheless, here is my very own list of 8 Karma Biatch-titude!

  • Cursed are the women beaters. These types of men use their physical strength to inflict pain on weak women.  Karma will find them--> one day they will find their match and they too will get beaten up!

  • Cursed are the bullies. These types of people gain happiness by making other people's lives miserable. Karma will find them--> they will never be happy!

  • Cursed are the arrogant and the manipulative. These types of people think highly of themselves and looks down on others and manipulates the weak to gain an advantage. Karma will find them--> one day their lies will be exposed and they will lose everything.

  • Cursed are the stalkers. These types of people gain satisfaction by invading other people's privacy with the intention of harming and threatening others. Karma will find them--> they too will experience harm and threats.

  • Cursed are the people who worship and believe in nothing but material things such as money. These types of people care for no one but themselves and their material possessions!--> they are destined to die alone in their death bed.

  • Cursed are the peodophiles (PUKE!), murderers, rapist and people with bad intentions. They walk amongst us like normal people but within they are a danger to others with horrid evil intentions. Karma will find them---> they may get away with it while they're are still living but they will suffer an excruciating pain afterlife.

  • Cursed are the corrupt government and police officials such as President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. They are the worst types of people! They have the authority and power to change the society for the better and protect the weak who have experienced injustice. However, these types of people choose to abuse their authority and manipulate the justice system for their selfish needs. Karma will find them---> they may live a wealthy life now but they will burn in hell and their kids will carry their sins. 

    • Finally, cursed are the people who doesn't believe in good deeds. They are heartless and live their lives in greed. Karma will find them---> people like these are bound to suffer!

    Until then, be sure to live a good life and remember a life without love is no life at all!



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