Ode to my lover..

This is for ma baby Hung,
I'd like to sing him a song..
Of all the guys I've met
He's the one
I feel the most in debt..
Through the years,
I've shed many tears..
All this time, my life has been a strife..
like most women my past relationships
were nothing but BIG REGRETS..
Sometimes it's even hard to forget..
One thing I've learnt..
In a world full of lies..
It doesn't matter how many people you've got ties..
All you really need is that one person,
who could..
guide you,
love you..
Despite the fact of being such a broke ass (lol)..
and I even thought we were moving too fast..
But ma baby's really helped me
and made me see that life aint shitt!
Forget your misery and let it be!
At the start I struggled..
Baby, don't get me wrong but even with you I was baffled..
Then time went by..
I couldn't even remember the last time I cried..
I have never been soo happy..
Words aren't enough to thank my baby..
I love him truly and deeply