Religion, A way of life??

What is religion? Most definition would probably claim that religion is when one worships or believes in someone or something more greater than us. Scientific theories would probably argue that there is no being higher than human species since we are at the top of the food chain and that our brain functions better than any other species.

Furthermore, over the years men have had many creations which have either improved....

I believe medicine have changed lives of men for the better.

OR attempted to destroy our society....
I believe the creation of nuclear weapon threatens humanity.

Thus, considering other capabilities of human beings such us creating space ships to fly to the moon and machines to extract oil from the deepest ocean-- it makes me wonder whether there is in fact a being more higher than us human species.
Perhaps an alien?

I must say that I studied in a private strict Catholic school for ten years and have been brought up to believe in God's existence.

Young and dreamy, I believed in God and everything He represents besides who wouldn't want to worship a being who have apparently saved humanity from sins. Although I grew up only knowing one religion which is Catholic, I believe that every religion does not only represent our beliefs but also our way of life.

Young and dreamy!
Indeed, like most people, I have also experienced horrid dramas in my life such as bullying, stalking, harassment and assault.
One of the many painful bruises that I suffered when my mum's scumbag bf assaulted me.

This have left me cursing and questioning God as to why bad things happen to good people.

At that time, I was full of resentment, anger and before I know it I no longer believed in God which left me oblivious towards His teachings. Thus, I spent a lot of time soul searching, wondering whether I should turn into a bad ass getto person who is miserable and bitter--besides everyone else is, so why shouldn't I?? However, this did not stop me from  living my life. In fact, I was partying too much drowning my misery in alcohol.
Waahh soo drunk!

After awhile I felt empty and realized that I tried so hard to not believe in God, yet my new beliefs such as misery and self pity which was formed by my horrid past experience didn't make things better but only made me feel worst.

You see, even if you don't believe in God, Buddha, Allah and many more well known higher beings-- religion believe it or not is a big part of our lives.  Most people would probably give vast theories and definitions of religion.  For me, its plain and simple, religion is our beliefs and as a result reflects our way of life.
I believe in love

This beliefs could be love, hope, courage and that there may be horrid people out there but it is important to also believe that not everyone is a bad person. It was difficult and I have struggled a lot and couldn't get over the fact that I was a victim of harassment and assault . Yes it has taken some time for me to recover from this experience and what kept me sane is my religious beliefs. From this moment, I swore to myself that my beliefs in love and hope will forever stay with me.

In the end, this have led me back to believing in God and all the good things he represent besides what would our world be like if all of us believed in nothing? Perhaps a greedy and chaotic world?

This video of Jen saying good bye to her daughter because she is dying of cancer, have inspired me to do this blog..I suppose it is true that it doesn't matter if God exist or not, what matters is to believe in something because that belief will keep us sane.

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Anonymous said…
You made me cry.