Photo shoot tips for aspiring models!

Those who are interested in modelling..

Here are the TFP and TFCD FAQS
What is TFP and TFCD?
  1. TFP: Time For Prints
  2. TFCD: Time For CD
In the traditional industry, amateur models go to experienced photographers and get a quick photo shoot at a very reduced price agreed upon by both parties.  This is called "test" shooting.  Somehow, the internet created a monster called TFP and pretends to be a "test" shoot.

TFP means no money will be exchanged between the model and the photographer.  The model receives digital files or prints of from the shoot and the photographer can use the images for promotion and his portfolio.

It does not mean the photographer can use them for commercial purposes without paying the model for the shoot or for future revenue.  Many photographers take advantage of models by offering them a TFP shoot but actually use the model in a paid job.  If the photographer is getting paid for the shoot, so should the model.  The model is obviously good enough for the shoot, well then, she should be paid.

TFP shoots must have a model release included to clear up any question of it being a TFP shoot.

The Pros of TFP shoots
  • You get a free shoot.
  • You get experience in front of the lens
  • You build a portfolio
The Cons of TFP shoots
  • Most TFP photographers are students and amatuers
  • Your shots may not turn out too good
  • You won't get the pro advice you would get from a working photographer
  • TFP shoots are good to start out with, but can also be vital to pick up some great experience and training if you can convince a pro photographer to do one. 

How To Set Up and Work A TFP Shoot
  1. Find a photographer - I suggest you sign up for Model Mayhem as this is the best site to meet aspiring photographers and vast TF shoots are arranged here everyday. 
  2. Contact the photographer and tell them what you have in mind.  What kind of images are you seeking?  What's the style?
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure you clarify with the photographer that you agree to do the shoot and model for his portfolio and perhaps arrange to also model clothes of aspiring fashion designers IN EXCHANGE for PRINTS and CD with the images.
  4. Set a place and date. Make it a public place to start off to be safe.
  5. Tell a friend - let somebody know what you're doing.  Give them the photographers info and where you'll be shooting.  Bring an escort if you want.  Some photographers find escorts to be distracting and in the way, but you get to decide and nobody can tell you not to bring one.
  6. Show up! Don't miss the shoot.  Reliable models get call backs and referrals.  Show up early and prepared.
  7. Be professional - if a photographer is spending their time working for you for free, give them the respect they deserve.
  8. Call the photographer after the shoot and thank them.  Find out when to expect your images and have the photographer stick to it.

Here is a sample of quality portfolio photos you should be aiming for..

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