Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey

My Mia, my world!

So this is how it feels to be a mum, words aren't really enough to describe it. Since we're all different, you'll have to go through it yourself to find out. In my case, the day my baby Mia was born was the happiest day of my life.

I had to go through an emergency c section due to complications. It was a tough labour, I struggled-- the pain of strong contractions was excruciating that I've been given 3 different pain killers in separate times to block the pain. In the end, although I was very hesitant, after more than 24 hours of labour (altogether my labour took 33 hours) and some complications, the doctors have finally convinced me to have an emergency c section. By that time, I was frustrated, tired, miserable and most of all frightful of the risks involved with a c section not just to me but also to my baby. Ofcourse, I didn't feel any pain during the surgery but I certainly felt the tugging, it was as if I was a frog being dissected and cut open! At that moment I didn't even want to start thinking about my recovery and how will my weak little body cope. All these worries flooded my thoughts whilst the surgery was taking place. Suddenly, I heard a little cry! She's here! My child is finally born..

My surprise Baby Shower at Marriott Hotel!

Baby shower is a means to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby, by showering the expectant mother with gifts. It sounds fun but it never came to my mind to throw a baby shower since I was more focused on organizing my baby's first month bday banquet. However, I feel blessed to have a bunch of crazy but thoughtful girls, who has taken a time out from their busy schedules just to sneakily organize a surprise baby shower for me at Marriott Hotel. I was absolutely clueless about this baby shower and was soo overwhelmed by their efforts to make this day special.

They have showered me with baby gifts, arranged a table full of yummy snacks,

Sea Cruise in Cyprus at the 28th week of my pregnancy

Who says that pregnant women can't fully enjoy a sunny holiday? Although I must admit that there were times were the heat in Cyprus was unbearable. Yes I did get swollen feet and was breathless most of the time but hey that didn't stop me from making the most of this holiday.

We started our holiday by getting picked up by a limo cab in Cyprus which was cool since it's not everyday that I get driven around in a limo. Perhaps the next time will be on my wedding day..

My very first baby haul!

I am very excited to be blogging about my very first baby haul!

Like most mums I coulldn't wait to go shopping and buy my little princess the prettiest little floral dresses, baby pink coloured sleep suits, cute little dolly shoes and many more-- the other half of these baby items are hand-me-downs from relatives which are just as pretty. I am proud to say that at this stage, me and my soon to be hubby have now sorted out our little girl's very first wardrobe-- well I'm sure she should have enough clothes for the first 3 months. The rest of her wardrobe as she grows will be purchased one at a time.  Also me and my hubby can't wait to build a pretty little pink nursery for her but that'll have to wait until she's born-- yes, I won't forget to post photos and videos!

I'm guna be a proud mummy soon!

NEWS FLASH, I've been hibernating because I'm pregnant and will be a proud mummy of a little girl!

4D scan courtesy by my soon to be brother in law--thanks!

Anyhow, I am considering blogging and documenting my journey to motherhood-- being pregnant with my little princess is the best thing that's ever happened to me but if times get rough then at least I can look back to this blog to remind myself of my love for her.
My very first scan--12th week

Furr Favorites!

I will be blogging about my favorite and top rated faux furr coat-- yes faux furr not real animal furr! It's a must have for every girl to own a furr coat/furr jacket besides it gives a touch of glamour in every outfit and wardrobe . Anyhow, most of you must have previously read dozens of articles about how celebs wear only real animal furr-- guess what that is now soo old skool! Quality faux furr just feels as soft, warm, comfortable and look just as glamorous but more affordable--> Most of all no animal need to suffer and be skinned just to satisfy the demand for real furr besides the thought of wearing a dead animal's skin is dreadful!

Anyhow, here are my top rated faux furr coats!

1) This coat is from Miss Selfridge with an affordable price tag of £89. 

The colour is in Mink which is subtle and could go with any other colored outfit. The horizontal line pattern on the coat is also nicely designed. Unfortunately, this coat was sold out on the first month or two. Hence, it is no longer available in the shops! I should have bought it when I first seen it! 

2) My next favorite is out of my budget with a price tag of  £595!-- that's why it's second on my list! But hey it's super glamorous real sheepskin furr coat from Reiss.

Yes I know I am contradicting myself! I have mentioned that no animal needs to suffer and be skinned just to satisfy the demand for real furr . However, sheeps are butchered for their meat not for their furr alone but often are farmed and kept alive so the sheeps could produce more furr which is obviously better than butchering them! Furthermore, sheep skin are the warmest fabrics evaa-- it's commonly use for Uggs boots, coats and jackets.

Hectic but fun!! Festive celebrations of year 2011!

So I haven't blogged for a while ever since the new COD MW3 was released. Incase you're wondering-- NO I wasn't playing COD all this time! Okkaay so maybe at the start I did but c'mon I am way to girly for this besides I had a busy festive timetable ahead of me. It was a crazy year-- full of dramas as well as happy dayz! The best fun I have ever had was towards the end of 2011 and I'd like to share this fun times with you!

November bday parties! A perfect way to start 2011's festivity!

Aaww bless! He's just finished opening all his bday present.

Dinner party for my lover's bday at fancy restaurant Matsuri St James!

Dinner is ready!