Sea Cruise in Cyprus at the 28th week of my pregnancy

Who says that pregnant women can't fully enjoy a sunny holiday? Although I must admit that there were times were the heat in Cyprus was unbearable. Yes I did get swollen feet and was breathless most of the time but hey that didn't stop me from making the most of this holiday.

We started our holiday by getting picked up by a limo cab in Cyprus which was cool since it's not everyday that I get driven around in a limo. Perhaps the next time will be on my wedding day..

In the morning I was spoilt for choice by the variety of food in the breakfast buffet.

Hubby was quite surprised at how much I ate..
-- believe me being pregnant had gotten my appetite sky high, so the buffet breakfast and buffet dinner had saved me and my boyfriend soo much money lool since I can have as much food as I like.. besides I was probably burning half of the calories I ate since I was covered in sweat most of the time. Yes it was unbearably hot that me and my hubby had to shower every couple of hours, but the Cyprus heat didn't stop us from going for a long stroll from our hotel to Paphos town.

We stopped by at random places to rest (being 28 weeks pregnant meant I have to stop every 10 minutes to rest lol) and take pictures..

When we got to Paphos town, we sat by the beach and hubby sun tanned for a bit (soo jealous since being pregnant meant I cant sun tan). 

Aaahh well it was still soo relaxing, the beach was clean, quiet and chilled out-- meaning the town wasn't saturated and crowded unlike other tourist places. 

The highlight of this holiday was the food!! 

Food glorious food!

Fresh and super healthy ingredients equals a happy tummy and a healthy baby!

Finally, what a great way to end our holiday by going on a sea cruise, yayy!

This was a truly relaxing and chilled out holiday tailored by my super sweet hubby to fit my pregnancy needs.

If you're pregnant and looking to travel, ask your midwife first and ask your GP for a doctor's note since most airlines require this. Until then, have a lovely holidays! Visit my Facebook page for more Cyprus photos, don't forget to show support by liking my page. Thanks!


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