I'm guna be a proud mummy soon!

NEWS FLASH, I've been hibernating because I'm pregnant and will be a proud mummy of a little girl!

4D scan courtesy by my soon to be brother in law--thanks!

Anyhow, I am considering blogging and documenting my journey to motherhood-- being pregnant with my little princess is the best thing that's ever happened to me but if times get rough then at least I can look back to this blog to remind myself of my love for her.
My very first scan--12th week
19th week scan, the day I found out I was having a little girl!

Of course, I will compile all my blog about my little princess so when she's older, she could look back with a smile on her face knowing that her mummy and daddy love her very much!

She's adorable and it really was love at first sight!

 I also have a DVD of my 4d scan at home and Ive lost count of how many times I've seen this scan-- call it corny but each time I watch it, I get teary, amazed..full of hopes and dreams of the future.

Teary because I'm so overwhelmed by my love for her--for the first time, I now know how it feels to love unconditionally..

Amazement since I'm amazed that this precious little one is a combination of me and the man I love-- no one else in this world is like her!

Hopes and dreams.. that our little family can overcome whatever struggle life may give us..

I must admit that I'm still oblivious of what it's like to be a parent-- I'm just grateful that I'm not alone in this journey..

God has blessed me with a loving partner who's just as excited to experience parenthood with me.  Together we'll provide a solid family for our little princess, a family that will give her enough love and support which will hopefully aid her to make wise decisions in life once she's older.

Until then, good luck!!  

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