Furr Favorites!

I will be blogging about my favorite and top rated faux furr coat-- yes faux furr not real animal furr! It's a must have for every girl to own a furr coat/furr jacket besides it gives a touch of glamour in every outfit and wardrobe . Anyhow, most of you must have previously read dozens of articles about how celebs wear only real animal furr-- guess what that is now soo old skool! Quality faux furr just feels as soft, warm, comfortable and look just as glamorous but more affordable--> Most of all no animal need to suffer and be skinned just to satisfy the demand for real furr besides the thought of wearing a dead animal's skin is dreadful!

Anyhow, here are my top rated faux furr coats!

1) This coat is from Miss Selfridge with an affordable price tag of £89. 

The colour is in Mink which is subtle and could go with any other colored outfit. The horizontal line pattern on the coat is also nicely designed. Unfortunately, this coat was sold out on the first month or two. Hence, it is no longer available in the shops! I should have bought it when I first seen it! 

2) My next favorite is out of my budget with a price tag of  £595!-- that's why it's second on my list! But hey it's super glamorous real sheepskin furr coat from Reiss.

Yes I know I am contradicting myself! I have mentioned that no animal needs to suffer and be skinned just to satisfy the demand for real furr . However, sheeps are butchered for their meat not for their furr alone but often are farmed and kept alive so the sheeps could produce more furr which is obviously better than butchering them! Furthermore, sheep skin are the warmest fabrics evaa-- it's commonly use for Uggs boots, coats and jackets.

3) My third favorite is this ultra stylish furr coat from Topshop with an affordable price tag of £89. Luckily, I bought this furr coat when it was still available in the shops and I love it!

It's not my warmest jackets but if worn with a warm jumper then it is good enough for the cold winter.  

The messy pattern on the coat also gives it that edgy look which is brilliant!

4) The fourth one is from ASOS  but is once again sold out in my size! It's annoying since it is now also on sale in their website from £75 to £44!

ASOS has named this coat "ASOS Film Star Stole In Faux Fur"--> Yes, the name says it all! It looks classy, sophisticated and glamorous. Although, this would have been on the top of my list if not for the following reasons; this isn't suitable for super cold winter days since it is V neckline which leaves the chest exposed to cold temperature unless a scarf is worn, the length is quite short thus providing only a bit of warmth on the upper body.  Apart from that, I would gladly wear this on a nice night out on spring, autumn and even summer days but not on cold winter days.

5) My fifth furr favorite is this leopard print jacket I bought from New Look awhile back.Thus, it may no longer be available in the shops.

This furr jacket could really glam up any simple and plain outfit besides with a price tag of £25, I just had to buy it! The quality of furr is quite good since it doesn't malt or fall off. However, it's sleeveless with short length and therefore can't be worn on cold winter days. It's still on my favorite list though since there is no need for me to put a stylish or patterned outfit together when I'm wearing this jacket. The leopard print is glam enough which means plain black or plain brown shirt with drop earings are stylish enough for this jacket besides it would be too much if I wear this with a strong patterned top or bright colored accessories.

6)My very last furr favorite is this super affordable cropped length, long sleeved jacket from Primark!

Price tag is £23! It's cheap and the furr quality is ok since it doesn't malt or fall off. I bought mine last year so I'm not sure whether it's still available in the shops. This jacket goes in my top rated list since it goes so well with a pair of skinny jeans, patterned or even bright colored top with chunky accessories and a kick ass heels, lace high heel boots or even Uggs. The downside is this jacket can't be worn on cold winter days because it's not warm enough unless a thick warm jumper is worn underneath-- but hey nothing can go wrong with a price tag of £23!

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