My review of "In The Night Garden" live show

This is post will be about my brief review of the "In the Night Garden" live show at The O2 in London! First of all, my 2 year old daughter adores this program which originated from Cbeebies

and I must say I too are amused by the cute characters of this programe

so Yes I may be biased in making this review! I can probably type what has happened from the moment we entered The O2 and the final moments of the show

but I'll spare you written details but I have something better--- a YouTube video to sum up our experience in watching this live show!

Often she would watch the video with me and asked me if we could go again, that is how much she loved it. However, she will be turning 3 soon and as she gets older I am hoping to take her to see other theater shows that I know she will love such as Lion King but lets admit it there is not really a lot of live shows that cater for children under 3. Hence, I highly rate this In the Night Garden live show, from the seating, to the room temperature, the ambiance, the music and the colorful props.

In my teenage years, happiness for me was getting good grades, eating delicious home cooked meal by my dad, receiving lots of encouragement and cuddles from my mum. These were a few of the many happy memories that I can remember as a teenager. Yes there were some terrible soppy memories too but the memories that brings you joy are the ones worth remembering. Now that I am a mum, I too would want to create these happy memories for my daughter and I am so glad to have taken my daughter to this live show which originated from the very first TV program that she has ever loved!

My daughter is only two and I can imagine her getting bored and crying if I was to take her out to the theatre. However, this "In the NIght Garden" live show enabled me and my young family to have our very first kind-of-theatre experience without any complaints from my young child instead lots of giggles and laughter.

I was entertained all through out not  only by the main characters from the show

but also by my daughter who can't seem to stop giggling and clapping. Watching my daughter have the best time was happiness for me besides its not every day where she watches her favourite TV program live in person!

I definitely recommend this to all family with younger or older children who adores this show, it is a must-watch! Our children are only young once in their life and this is the best moment to give them that magical experience where they can possibly believe that dreams can come true. The whole experience of watching this live show was magical and surely this will be one of bubba's happiest memories of her childhood as evident in the youtube video.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely week!

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