My day at Jo Malone

Here is a little post sharing with you, fabulous beauties, my day at the Jo Malone shop. This brand, in my opinion, makes the best scent and I can honestly say that I am obsessed. From the fancy decor, to the heavenly scents and the quality packaging. Did I mention that I was also offered a glass of sparkling wine?

Ofcourse I happily accepted. I haven't even sat down yet and I felt super spoilt already. Jo Malone staff sure knows how to charm their customers! Upon entering the shop, I was of course greeted with a lovely smile by the staff and was kindly asked to go through their scents and choose which ones are my fave.

This was heavenly and I loved almost every scent, apart from a couple of scents which kinda reminds me of herbs. Whereas, my faves are the Peony blush and the Pomegranate Noir. There were several which I adored but I must say that these two are definitely my fave. There's something about these scents that is so special. Some reminds me of opulence, others reminded me of nature and quite a few has very subtle hints of masculine vibes without being overpoweringly sweet.  I am not an expert with scents so it is kinda hard to describe, for sure it was a very pleasant experience! However, it's the purchase price I have to consider. We all know that Jo Malone perfumes are not cheap in any way and if you are on a budget then steer clear because it'll be hard to resist. Having said that I still managed to walk away from the boutique without having spent a penny, but I sure am still lusting over the Jo Malone's scents. Anyhow, after having chosen the scents, we were then asked to take a seat and was given a very gentle hand massage. It lasted for 10 to 15 minutes, I wasn't sure how long my time in the shop lasted as I was having fun chatting away with the Jo Malone staff. They sure are lovely! My gentle massage started with a hand and lower arm wash, then a gentle scrub and it ended with a moisturiser.

Each product applied on my skin smelt absolutely divine, thank goodness I had my purse on a leash that day otherwise I would have probably bought everything. Yes the scents are insanely amazing but it is a purchase I prefer to make on that special occasion or as a gift for that special someone. To end my time at the Jo Malone shop, I was also offered a mini moisturiser sample which was lovely, of course I gladly accepted. Altogether, it was a pleasant experience and have left me lusting for a few scents from Jo Malone, I now know what I'd be purchasing as a treat or gift for someone on special occasions. Thats it for today and I'll see you beauties on my next post!

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