My 5 Summer Essentials

Summer is my favourite season simply because I love warm weather and sunshine. 

I prefer to also dress up and be a bit more trendy during the hot summer days. You see, its a lot easier to appreciate the fabrics and clothing style when you can actually see the entire outfit. 

Whereas during the cold season I much prefer to cover up, layer my clothes until I feel and look almost like a bear. 

Hence, summer is definitely the only season I feel light and free from chunky jumpers and jackets. Ofcourse summer wouldn’t be complete without family fun days in the sun

It really is so much better to go out when the weather is warm with lots of sunshine. 

Here are 5 summer essentials that I could not do without during the summer season. These things efinitely enables me and my family to make the most of summer, without experiencing too much discomfort that comes with too much sunshine.

  1. Bottle of water. Yes we have to stay hydrated at all times even during the cold season whereas in the summer season we need to drink twice as more water specially if you are doing physical activities. First of all, we sweat more in the hot summer days which means we are likely to get dehydrated unless we drink more water. I literally carry a big bottle with me everywhere I go and my daughter prefers drinking water than sugary drinks. I feel that a bottle of water is definitely the best and the healthiest way of staying hydrated. Water is literally life!

  2. SPF 50+. If you are in your late teens then you’re probably likely to ignore this because I know I have. Several of my friends from university, college and work much prefer tanning without SPF. 
  3. Yes I have tanned darker without SPF but this resulted to flaking and wrinkles! I have learnt from experience that this isn’t the safest way to tan. As much as we love the sun, we all know that without SPF, it can eventually lead to premature ageing, sun burnt which is very painful and in some cases cancer. Ofcourse this will not deter me from having fun in the sun and yes I will still tan but only this time with SPF.
  4. Sunglasses. I never leave the house without this and if you’ve been following me for a long time then you’d know that I only have one pair which is this Louis Vuitton sunnies.
    I did have the choice of purchasing several pairs or purchasing one pair from LV. Im not super wealthy enough to be able to afford several luxury branded sunglasses and I didn’t want to own several pairs of cheap sunglasses. In the end, I chose quality over quantity. I believe I have had my LV sunglasses for a couple of years now and I am still obsessed! Not only does it protect my eyes but it also looks good and the quality is amazing. I also tend to wear light eye makeup and wearing sunnies is kinda enough to give your face that dressy cool vibe without a ton of makeup.
  5. Cushion Foundation. This is my fave foundation to use during the summer!
    Firstly, cushion foundations contains SPF which again is brilliant for protecting your skin from sun damage. Second, its super light weight! It almost feels invisible on the skin which is perfect to wear during the hot summer days and it does not streak! What I mean by this is that this foundation looks great even with sweat dribbling down our cheeks. Third, application is very quick and luxurious which is convenient specially if its too hot and the last thing you want to do is spend ages applying foundation. Fourth, its compact and convenient to carry around. It comes with a luxurious sponge application, mirror and of course SPF. It fits in any small bag without a problem! I can easily top up my foundation any time with ease and the fact that it contains SPF is also a big bonus.
  6. Bronzer. Summer is my fave season to over do my bronzer besides who doesn’t want a gorgeous bronzed sun kissed skin?!
    There is definitely something too stunning about being tanned in the summer. It doesn’t have to be just compact powder bronzers, it can be a cream tanning bronzer with subtle body glow. I have an SPF50 with dark pigments that give my skin that bronzed glow. It no longer make sense to me, to let my skin go through hours of sun exposure and possibly get painfully sunburnt which could eventually completely ruin my summer. Instead I opt to wearing bronzers with subtle glow and shimmer. I can easily choose to go darker without burning my skin and it looks just as good.

That is it for today and I hope you beauties have the best summer ever! If you want to see more of me then follow me on my social media which will be linked below.