Budgeting and shopping in Primark

Primark is literally slaying the fashion market at the moment and I’ve been seeing quite a lot of my fave bloggers share Primark haul videos which includes Zoella. 

Indeed, I am not the only one loving Primark at the moment. Here is my very own Primark and Prettlylittlething try on haul video, which is embedded in this blog post down below.

it is obvious that several of us have been super into Primark lately. Everytime I visit the shop, I struggle finding my size because it's always sold out and often I opt to purchasing a size bigger or a size smaller. However, this did not deter me at all from purchasing since the price is super affordable.

We all know that in this day and age, fashion trends are constantly changing and not everyone’s wallet can keep up when it comes to joining the fashion trend. 

As an aspiring fashion and makeup blogger, ofcourse I have to try and post trendy pieces in my blog and Instagram.

It hasn’t been easy considering I have a small budget when it comes to purchasing fashion pieces so thank God for Primarks! This shop is a fashion heaven for ladies like me who would like to keep up with the trend without breaking the bank.

Having said that, I still love shopping from other high end and mid range brands such as Kurt Geiger London. Louis Vuitton and Prada are also my fave luxury brands,

I could have probably purchased more handbags from these brands, instead I chose to be wiser with money. Yes for most of us, including me, it’s often wants against needs,

realistically necessities should always win, but for some, luxury is more important. Nonetheless, me and my family has definitely changed our spending habits for the last couple of years. We have been budgeting and have been extremely frugal with money.

Ok so I am exaggerating, hubby did purchase a couple of designer branded shoes for my daughter. Its too cute and they were on sale!

and a 2017 Mac book pro this year. I kinda needed it to pursue blogging with the hopes of turning my passion into a career.

Regardless, for the last couple of years, I’d like to say that my family have definitely been better with budgeting. It has been a huge improvement compared to several years before. 

We used to dine out in fancy restaurants,

go shopping all the time and purchase extravagant gifts for each other. Fast forward to now and as a result of budgeting and being frugal

lool this is hilarious

might try this next time lol

we then have finally managed to purchase our very first home in South East of England. It hasn’t been an easy journey but definitely the most fulfilling because my family is now finally free from the burden of renting.

Stay tuned for more future posts on this subject! I'd like to say that Primark is definitely a place I would recommend for ladies and families on a budget.

Kids t shirts cost £1.30 each! Makeup brushes starts from £2 and makeup starts from £1!

It may not be a luxury glamourous brand but atleast we can save a few bucks and budget for things that are more important,

besides pennies saved all adds up after awhile and before you know it, you’ll have enough saved up for things that truly matters. 

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