Fashion, my other interest!

Apart from being passionate and devoted to my family,

my other interests are writing, blogging, dressing up,

putting outfits together,

accessorizing and anything to do with fashion.

As a full time mum, my daughter has kept me busy for awhile but now that my child is no longer a new born

this means I have a little time to spare on my other interests such as fashion.

My aim is to share my amazing fashion finds, outfit of the days and some fashion tips to you my beloved readers  Yes we all know that fashion changes all the time, often what's trendy now may not be that trendy tomorrow.

Ironically, sometimes vintage looks could be just as gorgeous as the current fashion trend
so as long as you carry yourself with confidence. Furthermore, some fashion pieces are classic and timeless that it will never go out of style and can be worn with any outfit.

I am excited and looking forward to blogging or vlogging about fashion so make sure to follow me on

My Instagram for my outfit of the days, Little Mia's Instagram for her outfit of the days

and My Youtube to watch random videos of what we have been up to lately. This post is only a brief introduction to let you guys know that aside from mummy blogs, I will also be posting blogs on fashion which is one of my favourite topics so stay tuned for that. Until then, have a lovely week!!