How I lost my post-pregnancy weight

My arms, legs, ankles was HUGE whilst pregnant
I was at my heaviest when I was pregnant, weighting about 11 (70 kg) stone then straight after my daughter's birth, i only lost 5 kg.
my daughter's one month bday
The 5 kg I lost accounted for my daughters birth weight, water retention, placenta and sadly I also lost a considerable amount of blood during my C-section that I've been advised to get a blood transfusion. However, I kindly rejected it and opted for the iron tablets. First month after birth, I was completely home bound with my little one, recovering from my C-section surgery and looking after my child. My husby's mum fed me well and cooked me healthy chicken and ginger soup evey day.
just chicken and ginger soup without rice
Believe it or not, this was the only food I eat for the first month after birth. I have tried my hardest not to give in to eating carbohydrates such as rice, bread, potatoes and cakes. Even before I got pregnant I dont usually eat that much carbs apart from cakes so it wasn't that hard for me to stick with no carbs diet besides the chicken and ginger soup was soo delicious and satisfying that most of the time I was left feeling full. Although, I may have eaten some fruits and some seafood but not that much.
You see, I was convinced that eating only chicken and ginger soup most days, would help towards my recovery and I think it did since I have recovered well.

Furthermore, I lost 1.5 stone (9kg), a month after the birth of my child. I believe this was because my body stopped retaining too much water and this was also the result of the change in my eating habits. I stopped eating carbs completely, my portion sizes have gone down drastically, I only drank alcohol occasionally, I stopped smoking cigarettes and swapped it with electronic cigs. When it came to food I simply didn't have the apetite since my new born child at that time kept me soo busy and tired that I didn't have the time or luxury to give in to my cravings.

You see being a first time mum, I had a lot more important things to be thinking about than just food. The first months of my daughters life were exhausting but I must say that it was one of the best time of my life.

I may have neglected myself a little bit but looking after my new born was at the top of my priority.

Hence, eating was like a chore at that time. My diet, then and now, consists mostly of protein such as eggs, bacon, chicken, seafood, vegetables, salads and fruits.

I also make sure that my portion sizes are a fair amount and NOT a large plate fit for a monster. This diet led to weight loss and 2 years after the birth of my child, I am once again 7 stones (45 kg).

I may have had a few treats such as a slice of cake every week or every month but most of the time I try not to give in to indulging unhealthily-- You see, I feel I am at my best when I am eating healthy and in my ideal weight which enables me to give more than 100% to my family.

My little family is what keeps me going, they motivate me to living a healthy lifestyle which enables me to be the best mum and wifey I can be for them. Perhaps it is also my thoughts or my way of thinking that got me to lose most my post pregnancy weight

OR it might just be simply because I am happy and passionately devoted to my family that I want to be in the best shape for them besides I kinda look better this way and who doesn't like looking good?!

Have a lovely week!!

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