A new look for my blog

I have finally decided to start blogging again. As you all know I have been overjoyed after the birth of my little girl, she has kept me busy these past couple of years-- I am a first time mum after all and had to prioritize my child above everything else. I must admit that I kind of lost the will to blog since my full attention was diverted to caring for my precious little child. However, my little girl is now 2 and she is no longer an infant.
She has grown so gracefully, so much better than I expected-- believe me as a first time mum I was terribly anxious and worried whether I am doing things right. Nonetheless, my little girl now at the age of 2, learnt good manners (saying thank you, your welcome, please), can count, sing alphabet, can recognize numbers, almost potty trained and can recognise shapes..

It is either in her genes or I must be doing something right, right??? This now leads me to this newly transformed blog--

My aim is to share my journey to motherhood to my fellow mums, first-time mums, mum-to-be's or just to anyone interested in having a child. My next aim is to also blog about beauty and fashion that may interest not just mums but every woman out there. After all, we now have children so its only right that we show our kiddies that they have a mum they can admire and look up to. Yes ladies, mums can be cool and pretty too!
My next aim is to provide my loyal readers an insight into my life as a mum. Hopefully, I can achieve my aims and possibly help and inspire not just mums but women in general. 

Thanks for reading!

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