Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the best bouncer ever!

I have been looking through bubba's old photos and was looking for ideas on my next post. I have thought of some interesting personal subjects--However, I have decided to blog about something more informative and helpful to mums, who may be looking for bouncers ideal for their babies. Hence, I have decided to write this post containing my detailed review on Fisher Price Rainforest-- hopefully this post will help mums decide whether this bouncer is the right one for their baby.

First of all, here is my story as to how me and my husby came into deciding whether this bouncer is the right one for our daughter. As you can see by the title of this post you already probably have guessed that I am a big fan of this bouncer and I am sure that a lot of mums out there will probably agree with me that this may just be one of the best bouncers ever invented. Yes there are many bouncers out there, different prices, colours, different structures and different dangling toys to keep baby busy. However, out of the many bouncers that my daughter have tried and sat on-- this one was the bouncer that gave my bubba the biggest smile and giggles, she absolutely loved it and was in tears when we took her out of the Jumperoo. At the start, we were reluctant spending this much money on a bouncer but in the end we just couldn't resist not purchasing it--- seeing how bubba loved it soo much. 
I'm not sure of bubba's exact age when we bought the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo but vaguely she was probably 6 months old-- meaning she was still unable to walk and could only sit on her own with a bit of support. At that age, my bubba was still learning to play with toys, to crawl, to roll over and to mumble words.

Basically, there was not a lot my little child can do at that age so most of the time she was just left to either lie down or sit down with a bit of support fiddling with soft toys. Often, I will have to tickle her or make a funny face to get her to laugh and giggle.

Me and my husby was left wondering whether there is something else we could do to keep her more active, entertained and busy without us having to do so much effort. Realistically, I couldn't see myself making funny faces for hours, let alone tickle her for more than 5 minutes-- I mean c'mon! Also there was no way me and husby were going to spend a lot of money on expensive toys that she will just look at and fiddle with for an hour or two and then get bored after. She didn't really know how to play with most toys at that age. Thus, we have decided to look at bouncers and scrapped the idea of buying anymore smaller toys since she already had too many. At this age, we thought that she needed a bouncer that could keep stimulate her to be physically active, keep her interested, make her smile and giggle. Obviously, we thought that the bouncer was the perfect toy to achieve what we wanted for our child. We were also hoping that bubba would be interested enough to use a bouncer on a regular basis. Thus, to keeping bubba entertained while I am busy cooking, doing the laundry etc. Finally, we have decided to shop around and surprisingly bubba was not too keen on most of the bouncers. Some made her cry even before I sat her down on the bouncer, some she looked a little interested by playing with the soft toys hanging on the bouncer and some bouncers looked a little awkward on her. Upon seeing the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, I was a little reluctant because of the colour and the price. The colour was rainforest themed and as a first time mum to a little girl, I'd really prefer everything pink and girly! The price, at that time, was £75 which was at the very top end of what me and husby were willing to pay. Eversince, I believe Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo have had a price increase, they're jumperoo now cost £114. Anyhow, despite my concerns, we decided to let bubba have a go besides we were at the store to have a little play time with bubba anyway. Low and behold, as soon as she sat down, her face light up, she was bouncing like no other, she made the biggest smile, she was giggling a lot, she was astonished by the various toys surrounding the jumperoo. We have never seen her so excited over a toy and on the plus side she was also active, her body could turn to face other soft toys and bounce which is what we wanted from a bouncer. Although, the bouncer doesn't have wheels which means it can't move but I thought this could be ideal for strengthening my child's legs besides we haven't got a massive enough home for bubba to run around with a moving bouncer. In the end, we have opted to purchase the jumperoo. As first time parents, me and husby were just used to seeing our very young bubba sitting down and lying down flat on her back or belly. After we purchased the jumperoo, our bubba was more active and playful. A few months after that she was walking, we are not sure whether the jumperoo helped in anyway in strengthening her legs and her playful traits but one thing for sure this jumperoo has left us with lots of happy and giggly memories of bubba at her young age.

Thanks for reading!

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