Bubba's first year in this world

Since I wasn't able to blog the first year of my daughter's life, I've decided to make this blog featuring some of her cute baby photos. I literally had thousand of it! Anyhow, here it is, bubba's few months old to 1 yr old photos! It was almost an obsession taking photos of her wearing cute outfits..

her giggles..

her smile..

her cute little face..

her playing..

I felt that I have to cherish every baby moment while I can since she will only be a baby once
a few months old in this photo

and kids grow fast!
One of bubba's most recent photo

Furthermore, in my experience the process of giving birth was extremely painful that I am not even sure when I'll be ready to have another child or if I will survive it next time (ok this might be an extreme theory) but yes I felt like I was literally being torn to pieces from the inside during labour. However, this did not deter me from the joy of being a mum to my precious little girl. She is no longer an infant and to be honest I am kinda missing having a little baby at home. Yes I am contemplating of having another one! It is hard work being a mum, it is not at all glamorous-- in fact I barely painted my nails or gone to the salon to get my hair done in the first year of my daughters' life. However, experience of simply being a mum, holding a baby who is half of you and the man you love, watching your child grow gracefully and beautifully is an experience and a memory no money can buy. Being a mum has really changed my perspective in life, gone are the days where all I look forward to after a week of working is going out on a weekend, getting wasted, meeting superficial people in the club, aiming to please people who doesn't really genuinely care and so on. I am soo blessed and so grateful with the life that I have now.

Sure I don't have all the blings and all the glam the world can offer but I have a family and their genuine love is something that cannot be replaced.

Material things get old, get broken, run out of fashion but family will be family. I don't know what the future holds but one thing I am so thankful of is having a husby and a partner in life who is so devoted in looking after me and bubba.

I could have ended up with a man that treated me so horrific or in a career that I do not love instead here I am a mum to my precious child with the man I love. God has been kind to me and for those who doesnt believe in God, then I'll say that there must be a greater power out there to have led me into this life that I would have never dreamed off for myself at a younger age. Like most people, I also dreamed of earning big bucks..
it didnt matter what career it was but as long as I get paid generously then that was ideal for me. Nevertheless, after becoming a mum, I realized that in life some people strive for money, power and beauty. There are also people out there who strive to change the world for the better such as the environmentalists, the charity workers and so on. In my case, I strive for my family-- to be a great mum and a loving wifey.

I believe that if you have a loving and supportive family then the possibilities of what your child or your partner can achieve is endless. After all, family is the root and foundation of our existence without this a person could fall apart, lose their way and live empty lives---but with the support and unconditional love of a family then good things are likely to always follow.

Thanks for reading!

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