Our holiday experience at Gran Melia Resort Tenerife, Palacio De Isora

This summer has been one of the most eventful time of my family's life and if you have been following me for a long time then you'll know why. In the meantime, I'd like to share my review of the 5 star hotel, Gran Melia Resort Palacio De Isora in Tenerife.

I know this review is super late since my staycation in this hotel was almost a year ago but because my family have no plans on going on holiday this year (click to find out why), so I've decided to rewind back time and share with you a blog series of my holiday experiences last year.
I'd like to start by sharing a post of my family's holiday experience at the 5 star luxury Gran Melia Resort. As most of you know, it is a luxury 5 star hotel which makes it expensive but is it worth it?? I will be sharing my opinion and something even better which is a Youtube video of my stay in this hotel. This video includes a tour of our room, video footage of what the hotel looks like, the meals we had and finally you'll be able to pretty much find out from the video wether my family has had the best time in this hotel or not.

On our first day and upon entering the hotel, we were immediately impressed by the hotel surroundings and luxurious vibe of the premises.

Also the staff were kind enough to offer my family a non alcoholic sweet beverage served in a champagne glass which I loved! The weather was so warm that I got excited with any drink I could get hold of, the beverage was drank within minutes. I couldn't help but admire the hotel premises and was keen in exploring the hotel.

After lunch at the Oasis restaurant, we were then escorted by the staff to our room. Our room had everything a 5 star hotel room would usually have and it is definitely a lot better than a 3 star hotel room. Although I must say that I have stayed in other luxury hotels with a much impressive and grand decor. The room tour can be viewed down below in my Youtube video. The lunch my daughter had at the Oasis restaurant, for how much it cost, was honestly nothing special but my daughter enjoyed every bite. Just bare in mind that this is a 5 star luxury hotel so the food will be a lot pricier than other lower star hotels.

My favourite part of the hotel was the pools, they had quite a few, probably 4 or more including an infinity pool!

It was beautiful, I must have taken several selfies in this pool. 

There were also pool beds with a roof which can be rented 80 euros for the entire day,

this includes a couple of treats which you can choose from a list they provide you. My daughter chose a box of kids snacks,

including fruits and I chose a bottle of wine.

The staff was super lovely enough to also offer a complimentary plate of fruits which I absolutely loved. Aaah life was bliss just sitting by the pool with a glass of wine, very relaxing.

The hotel including the pools weren't crowded with people either which made it a more pleasant holiday experience.

All this can be viewed in my Youtube videos down below.

Later that evening, we went to a fun kids show organised by the hotel for families and it was free!

It was such a fun treat to my daughter, she loved it and made quite a few friends in there. On our second day she won one of the games and was asked to go on stage to receive the certificate, she enjoyed every minute!

This was definitely one of the highlights of our time in Gran Melia.

The breakfast buffet was HUGE, although the Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai has a much bigger variety. In comparison, Gran Melia resort comes second as one of the best breakfast buffet I've ever gone to. Nope, I don't usually eat breakfast but that morning a year ago, I drooled so bad over some of the healthy delicious dishes and ended up eating 2 plates of food! My tummy felt soo heavy afterwards and kinda regretted stuffing myself up to a point I felt uncomfortably full. Lesson learnt, I am now likely to choose a lunch buffet over breakfast buffet because late lunch is usually the time extreme hunger kicks in, that it doesn't matter how many plates I eat. Anyhow, we opted out of the lunch buffet at Gran Melia resort because it was 60 euros each, we could have gotten it with our booking for free, instead we chose breakfast buffet over lunch buffet! Big mistake, as delicious as the breakfast buffet is, I feel my family could have probably enjoyed the lunch buffet more. In the evening, we treated ourselves to a seafood meal at one of the fancy hotel restaurants. Oh goodness, the meal cost us 100 euros!

It was delicious but nothing special, I have eaten better seafood meals from Malaga Spain for 15 euros! Even though food was expensive, I feel it's the facilities,

the surroundings,

the view

and the fun family show that makes up for it and made my family's stay so much more pleasant.

The hotel is probably a 30 minute (or more) drive from the main town of Tenerife. It isn't walking distance to Playas Las Americas where most of the young party goers go so just bare that in mind. If you are travelling to Tenerife to experience the nightlife then this hotel may not be convenient unless you don't mind paying cab money. However, as a family, we did not mind this at all, specially after having spent a couple of days in Playas Las Americas which was fun. We spent our days there, exploring the Aqualand Tenerife which was only a few minutes drive from our hotel. After a hectic and eventful couple of days in Playas De Las Americas with my family, we were pretty much done and were ready to chill and relax by the pool. This is exactly what we have done in Gran Melia Palacio De Isora in Tenerife, a holiday I will always remember!

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That is it for today my lovelies, I will see you on my next post!