As a first time mum, my main concern is raising my child the best way I can. As I've mentioned in my earlier post, I often worry whether my parenting skills are good enough to make sure my bubba grows gracefully but I have come to realize that maternal instincts often come natural and that its better to spend your time cherishing your child's childhood than worrying too much. After all my bubba has learnt so much already in the past two years of her life so I must be doing something right. She has learnt nursery songs such as 'The Alphabet Song', 'Twinkle little star' etc ; bubba has also learnt to count and recognize numbers and letters; she is also already potty trained, she's learnt shapes, colours and many more. My little bubba continues to amaze me everyday!

She has an intuitive mind, loves fairy tale stories, princesses, songs, cuddless and so on. My maternal instincts always kicks in when needed, I'd know when bubba would want to nap even without a watch in my hand, I'd know when she'd want to eat and I'd know when she's tired. Although, there are times when I have to convince bubba to want certain things such as eating vegetables and fruits. Hence, my maternal instincts have also taught me to not always give bubba what she wants because what she want may not be that good for her. When bubba was born I didn't think that time would fly by soo fast, it's as if I've blinked and here she is 2 years old and about to turn 3 towards the end of this year. Sometimes I still see her as a little baby, crawling towards me for a cuddle and as much as I'd want my child to grow beautifully--still a part of me wants her to remain a baby.

 Hence, me and husby have taken as much baby videos of her as we can and in fact I don't think we will ever stop taking videos or photos of her.

 Me and husby worships the ground that she walks on, she is the love of our life.

Sure parenting is not easy, it requires some sacrifices such as putting your childs needs first before yours or putting your career on hold to become a full time mum. A lot of responsibility comes with being a parent and it isn't just a walk in the park. On the one hand, despite all the hard work you have to put in as a parent,  it is amazing how much a little person can bring you soo much joy and happiness. Yes I had soo many sleepless nights, when my little bubba was first born, it was pretty exhausting but I look back on videos and photos with nostalgia and a big smile on my face knowing that I have no regrets with being a mum, a full time mum to be exact. My little bubba will only be a baby and a little toddler once in her life so I am very blessed to be able to cherish these baby moments and not miss anything of her childhood such as her first steps, her first hair cut, her first word and many other precious memorable moments.

Thank goodness for the digital camera that it is now possible to be capturing these special moments and forever keep it so it'll be easy to look back on. Youtube has now also made it possible to share some of these fun moments which I find astonishing since there are a lot of parents out there who also share their precious family videos to the world. It gives you an insight to what other people's family life is like and make you laugh soo hard when watching funny videos of babies. I am hoping that bubba's Youtube chanel would also do the same thing, make people smile, laugh and most importantly these videos are fond memories for my family to look back on. As bubba gets older she can easily access and watch these videos to always remind her how much she is and will always be loved.