Bubba has Instagram!

I have finally created bubba  an Instagram account, featuring all her cute little OOTDs-- what she wore, her dresses, shoes and where these pretty little outfits where purchased from.

Bubba's early months and first year, she wore mostly onesies.

She gradually started wearing dresses as she got older

Now she's a little toddler and looks soo much cuter in dresses

and little matching outfits.

Often I search online endlessly for cute outfits that are of good quality and doesn't have a super hefty price tag. However, I must confess she owns a few designer pieces in her wardrobe from Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry etc. Yep, bubba has a better wardrobe than me and husby! Often, me and husby tame ourselves from over purchasing bubba with designer clothes since she will outgrow these clothes anyway so often I try to to be sensible but let me tell you nothing beats seeing your kids in pretty outfits. As bubba's mum, I feel it is important to teach my child to look after herself, to look her best, to be neat and tidy. Ofcourse, its expected for kids to be spending most their time playing, rolling on the floor, getting stains on their clothes but hey it doesnt mean that I should neglect her appearance and cleanliness. Afterall, she is my pride and joy!

Have an awesome week everyone! Dont forget to follow bubba's Instagram for more daily dose of cuteness--->>>>  My bubba's Instagram!

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